Add some spice to your life and go on one of our youth educational adventures! We’ve been all over the country, and we’re showing no sign of stopping.

Care to go to Alaska, where the landscapes are something out of a dream, and the wildlife is thriving? Kenai Fjords National Park is always ready to show off, and the glaciers are truly a sight to behold.

Or maybe a warmer locale is more your speed. Zion National Park is an entirely different but equally gorgeous destination, and it’s full of masterpieces by mother nature herself. Experience beauty up high and down low, as we visit the sandstone peaks as well as the white and red-walled canyons!

Then there’s Yellowstone National Park, with canyons of its own and, of course, the legendary geyser Old Faithful!

These youth educational adventures are made possible largely thanks to our Adventures for All. Funds for those trips are allocated to allow children to have these wonderful experiences they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Want to join in on one of these experiences? Take a look at our trips, and get ready to have a blast! Be sure to follow our Get Kids Outside Facebook and see all of our youth adventures.

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Adventure Highlights

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