Get Kids Outside is our Frederick County, Maryland-based 501(3)c nonprofit organization! We are in the process of laying a foundation for our youth to thrive together, while also teaching the next generation just how important our environment is, and how we can all work together to preserve it.

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Through these outdoor adventure programs, kids will see what mother nature has to offer. Like many outdoor experiences, educational youth adventures like these have the potential to unlock curiosity in a way that few man-made endeavors can.

We’ve been fortunate enough to accompany these young explorers across several destinations, as they’ve seen everything from the red cliffs of Zion National Park to Old Faithful erupting in Yellowstone.

This was an opportunity for them to see the primeval, stunning, and unflinching landscapes of North America. The wonders of nature never cease to amaze them!

Our goal is to show these youngsters what the world has to offer outside of their norm. The ability to have these experiences so early in life will open the door to amazing possibilities in their future. That’s why outdoor education is important! Check out our Youth Educational Adventures.

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Our Mission

At Get Kids Outside, our name is our mission. We want to introduce children from a variety of backgrounds to the wonderful outdoor adventures that await them! We welcome these awesome kids to The National Park System by financing educational travel for underprivileged youth.